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The Year of ME!

-Blog by WomenHelpingWomen

We are a coalition of ladies, born of the #metoo movement, here to help. Lean on and feel free to be leaned on. We will cover all kinds of topics and hope to spread loving support throughout Denver, CO and all over the web. Love and blessings!


Feb 2017 - Coming Clean, My #MeToo Story

In embarking on my self care journey, I had to face some real and nagging truths and own my story.  I have C-PTSD. In my case, Complex Post Tramatic Stress Disorder is the result and symptoms of long-term abuse. 13 years, to be exact.

From the outside, I assumed we looked like a married couple with problems. I know from the inside, that’s what I thought. I knew my husband had a bad temper and seemed unhappy with life and me. He was unhappy and I wanted to make him happy.

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Jan 2017 - Hello

"I set out to determine what my New Years Resolution for 2018 would be and it was a little daunting. 2017 was chalk full of big and small accomplishments and the stress that came along with them. I mean who in their right mind would get married, sell a house, buy a house, get a puppy, change jobs and travel internationally, all in the same year?! My therapist suggests “it’s not recommended”. On New Years Eve, I found myself still wrapping my head around all that 2017 brought and it was a little overwhelming. I opted to stay in a have a calm evening with nothing to drink but WATER."

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