Renewed Woman Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Massage with a focus on Women's Health


Renewed Woman Massage Therapy was created out of a desire to improve the lives of women by empowering them through therapeutic massage, holistic healing modalities, self-care techniques and local resources for sustained health. 


Do you have painful periods? I work with women to reduce PMS symptoms through massage therapy with my Moon Cycle Massage service. A woman menstruates on average 450 times during her lifetime and over 80% of women report having a painful period. Massage just before or even during a woman's period has been proven to reduce symptoms of dysmenorrhea (painful period), anxiety, depression, moodiness and pain in low back, abdomen and legs. My Moon Cycle Massage service honors the Divine Feminine, recognizes the discomfort that often comes with being a woman and aims to treat symptoms in the most professional, relaxing and ritualistic way possible. 

For mother's expecting, I offer Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy. Massage during Pregnancy is perfect during any trimester (always consult your doctor if you have questions). I offer two locations for Prenatal Massage and feature the body cushion pillow to allow expecting mother's the opportunity to lay face down. I strongly recommend always working with an expert when receiving Prenatal Massage because we know proper body alignment when using the body cushions or when working side-lying. 

If you deal with acute or chronic inflammation in your joints or muscles/tissues, I can help with a CBD Massage. CBD's work with our bodies natural receptor cites to help relieve inflammation and pain. CBD is legal in all 50 States and is the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. You will not "get high" from a CBD massage but you will experience immediate pain relief and ease in muscle tension. Because CBD is legal in all 50 States, there is no worry for drug testing and many health professionals use a topical CBD aid because of this. 

The power of nurturing touch has long since proven to aid in pain recovery and mental health and I am thankful that I get to serve my community through my gift of massage.



You are worthy.                -Racquel J.

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