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Self-Care Techniques

Self-Care is a way we can love on ourselves, it's a way we can connect back within our body and mind on a positive level. Self-care doesn't need to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to be something you enjoy doing or something that you can do easily during the day or night. The idea behind self-care is to make time for yourself, to fill your cup and recharge so that you may become a better version of yourself and a loving vessel for those around you. This is a list of self-care techniques that I find myself doing often and that I believe are easy to do whether you're at home or on a lunch break.


- Practicing positive self-talk.

Replacing doubtful, fearful or negative thoughts with supportive and positive sentences. Saying (or thinking to yourself) "I am supported", "I am worthy of love", "I am a good person" or "I enjoy ____ about myself" are all ways we can remind ourselves that we are important, we do matter and we still have our voice. When we practice positive self-talk we begin to build new neural pathways in the brain and we start associating happiness with these words we say to ourselves. 


-Spending a little extra time when putting on lotion, makeup or perfume.

Making a sacred space for these little every day occurrences causes us to slow down and appreciate our bodies. Our bodies carry so much for us, they take us from place to place and they deal with a lot of external stimulation that can cause anxiety or moodiness, even fatigue. As you apply these products, silently (or out loud) give thanks for your strong arms (yes, they are strong!), give thanks for your strong legs that carry you throughout the day, for your sense of smell and for your eyesight. It's always the little things in life we have the most to be thankful for. 


-Listening to our bodies.

When we are thirsty, grabbing water instead of a soda or juice. When we are tired, taking a mid-afternoon nap or going to bed a little earlier than normal. When we become irritated, sad or angry, recognizing these feeling and allowing yourself to feel this way without judgment and then releasing that feeling either into the ground, space or just breathing it out.



Our breath becomes shortened when we experience intense emotions, being able to realize shallow breathing and changing it into slow, deep breathing allows our bodies to pause and examine what is going on in the moment. Our brains slow down and we are able to process thoughts and form sentences more clearly. 



Visualizing is a fun way of interacting with the world we live in. When we visualize, we are sending messages to our brain about what we would like a certain outcome to be. Your visualization can consist of whatever you like, just know that you are doing some good work with yourself when you take the time to do this. 

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