Renewed Woman Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Massage with a focus on Women's Health
Services and Rates

 Moon Cycle Massage - 75 Minutes $90   

Your session begins with a cup of Woman's Moon Cycle Tea for healthy cycle support followed by a full body massage all to provide soothing relief from menstrual cramps, bloating, fatigue and moodiness. With focus being on the low back and some abdomen work (always done at your comfort level), a weighted hot pack is placed on your low back, easing any tension or discomfort and a unique essential oil blend is applied to balance and regulate hormones, leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered. You'll leave with a bag of goodies to comfort you throughout your cycle, featuring more Woman's Moon Cycle tea, an essential oil blend to use topically, a rose quartz crystal and chocolate!    *Recommended 2 days before or during your period. *Monthly session package available at a discount for on-going cycle support.


Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage - 60 Minutes $70 or 90 Minutes $100

Perfect during any trimester! Massage can help ease nausea, constipation, muscle stress and tension and even those tired, swollen feet! You don't have to have an uncomfortable pregnancy! Feel better with either a 60 minute or a 90 minute session preformed side-lying or face down and surrounded by comfortable pillows in a quiet and nurturing environment. 


Therapeutic Massage - 60 Minutes $70 or 90 Minutes $100

Your 60 or 90 minute session begins with a cup of Women's Energy Tea and is a fully customizable massage which can include; Swedish techniques, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release and Lomi Lomi techniques. Perfect for specific focus or general all over body therapy.


CBD Massage - Add to any session for only $10

Topical CBD lotion/oil is used in this 60 or 90 minute session - focusing on the areas of the body that may have increased inflammation or pain. Naturally calming and fast absorbing, CBD works with your bodies natural receptors to deliver relief from pain. Color Up Therapeutics salve and oil is used, find more info on what CBD (Hemp) Oil is and how it can help you here.


Craniosacral Therapy - 75 Minutes $80

You are fully clothed for this treatment as I focus on releasing restrictions throughout the body by gently holding or laying my hands on your head, chest, sacrum, legs and feet. This is an excellent therapy for someone with low back pain, mood imbalance, PTSD, traumatic injury or someone needing a gentler approach to healing.  


Additional Services 


AromaTouch Technique - 30 Mins $25 (add Frankincense scalp treatment for $5)

Essential oils are layered using Swedish Massage Techniques in order to bring homeostasis to the body, reduce inflammation, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. 


Cupping -15 Minutes $20 or 30 Minutes $40

Special cups are used that create gentle suction on the skins surface to provide a pleasant and gentle, non-invasive technique that decreases pain, inflammation, increases blood flow, relaxation and well-being. Cups can be moved around to loosen up fascia or they can be left in one spot to help with knots or areas of tension.


Headache Relief - 30 Minutes $40

If you experience headache pain due to tight or tense muscles, this massage focuses solely on the upper body and releasing tight tissues to ease tension. Essential oils may be used in combination with this service for no additional charge. 


Cellulite Treatment - 25 Minutes $30 or Package of 10 visits $150 - coming soon!

Targets the back of thighs and buttocks area where cellulite can be the most prominent. A special blend of essential oils is applied after the treatment to promote quicker results. Ten visits to be applied over the course of 5-10 weeks. 

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